About Us

Unipal.io is a marketing company cultivating an online community for students. Our management has a successful history in serving the education community, bringing undergraduate and graduate degree programs to individuals across the globe. Now, with Unipal our mission is cultivate a community of students interested in life beyond the classroom to enhance their day-to-day lives thereby serving various verticals all students are interested in: shopping, travel, entertainment, food, and more and all at exceptional value with no cost to the student.

Unipal sources offers that are specifically for students and exclusive to the Unipal members. We bring you the latest offers from our advertisers which include major retailers as well as nationwide and niche service providers looking to serve the student demographic with special promotions throughout the year, during the seasons, and life events.

We are located in Silicon Valley and interested to know about you as well. Please drop us a line to share any suggestions on how we can serve you better or to ask any questions you may have.